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Because Geek Girls Need Love Too

Because Geek Girls need love too
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Sci-fi girls rule
This is the place for geek girls to come together and connect. All ages, species and sci-fi fandoms welcome, from anywhere in the galaxy!
Just a few simple rules:

* Photo posts welcome but please put them behind a cut.
* No flashing icons - be nice to the epileptic LJ'ers out there.
* If a video contains flashing please post a warning.
* No flaming during discussions.
* Do not feed the Dalek.

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adipose, aliens, andromeda, angel, anime, anthony stewart head, archaeology, arthur dent, ashes to ashes, bagpuss, blue boxes, books, brainy specs, buffy, captain jack harkness, captain john hart, captain scarlet, cardiff 3, christopher eccleston, claire, computers, cross stitch, cybermen, dalek caan, dalek sec, daleks, danny john-jules, david tennant, davros, devil's panties, dirk gently, discworld, doctor who, dorks, douglas adams, dungeons and dragons, enterprise, ezri dax, firefly, fish custard, fish fingers and custard, flash gordon, ford prefect, geek boys, geek toys, geeks, great fire of london, greebo, gwen, heroes, hiro, history, hitch hiker's guide, ianto, insane dalek caan, jack the ripper, jayne, jayne's hat, jean-luc picard, john barrowman, k-9, kevin smith, labyrinth, lexa doig, life on mars, lucy lawless, magic roundabout, manga, marvin, meccano, mechanics, medieval history, merlin, music, mutant dalek sec, nanny ogg, nathan, nick cutter, pete, power rangers, primeval, red dwarf, richard o'brien, rincewind, robert llewellyn, robots, rocky horror picture show, scalextric, sci-fi, science, science fiction, serenity, serial killers, seven of nine, shiny things, shooty dog things, sonic screwdrivers, spaceships, spike, star fleet, star trek, stephen king, suresh, sylar, tardis travel, terry pratchett, the librarian, the master, the stig, thunderbirds, time lords, tom baker, tom baker scarf bondage, tom baker's scarf, top gear, torchwood, tracy island, train sets, trains, two lumps, ufo's, vampires, voyager, wolverine, x-men, xena warrior princess, xkcd, zaphod beeblebrox


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